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Welcome! To the Earth: Part 2: Farewell! Alien Baltan (ようこそ! 地球へ 後篇 さらば!バルタン星人 Yōkoso! Chikyū e Kōhen Saraba! Barutan Seijin) is the thirty-fourth episode of Ultraman Max.


Ultraman Max is lost. Tsutomu desperately tries to bring Tiny Baltan to DASH.


In the DASH base, gravity is still unusual. Koba gets Elly to bring it back to normal. Meanwhile, the Baltan and Tsutomo manage to convince Mizuki to fly them back to the Baltan's Ark. The Dark Baltans believe humans to be invaders and trashers of the universe. However, Tiny Baltan tells Mizuki that the original Baltan planet was devastated by a nuclear war and the Tiny Baltans are fighting to restore it as opposed to claiming planets such as earth.

Tiny Baltan gets back to her ark and leaves to get something which will enable them to defeat Dark Baltan. Meanwhile, DASH deploys (with Elly) in the DASH Mother. They search for Koba, when Elly detects the Baltan on her scanner. Meanwhile, Tiny Baltan returns and also searches.

DASH attacks as Dark Baltan appears but cannot do much. The Tiny Baltan finds Kaito and rescues him, replenishing his energy. He knocks the Baltan into pieces, but it clones itself into thousands more! Max also clones himself. They battle, but when it looks like the Maxes will lose, the Tiny Baltan gives several children big bells, which when rung, give off a light energy. It begins to dissolve the enemy Baltans.

The sound makes the Dark Baltan remember Planet Baltan and Max comforts him. With the help of one of DASH scientist and his invention, Dark Baltan assumed his humanoid guise. Later, Tiny Baltan thanked DASH and Tsutomo and the 2 Baltans depart to their home. The policeman from earlier said farewells to them and he passed by on what seemingly appeared to be the ruins of the police station.






Home Media

  • Ultraman Max Volume 9 features episodes 31-34.
  • Ultraman Max Complete Season.


Ryu Manatsu's second cameo appearance

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