We Are One (我らは一つ Warera Hitotsu) is the sixteenth episode of Ultraman Taiga.


Hiroyuki, EGIS, Titas and Fuma work together to save Taiga from the darkness. A new Taiga is born.


Tricked by Tregear, Taiga fell to the dark side... Is there a way to save him!? Stand up Titas, Fuma, and Hiroyuki, to save Taiga! When all member of the Tri-Squad came together and the power of bond increase, miracle happened with a dazzling light! Here comes the new Taiga!

Tri-Squad VoiceDrama


On the Next Chance part 2 (次の機会に part2 Tsugi no Kikai ni Pāto tsū)

Once again, Titas and Fuma complain and rant because they didn't get a new form like Taiga did.


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