We Are One (我らは一つ Warera Hitotsu) is the sixteenth episode of Ultraman Taiga.


Hiroyuki, EGIS, Titas and Fuma work together to save Taiga from the darkness. A new Taiga is born.


Continuing from the previous episode, Taro recieves his bracelet to Taiga, which became Taiga Spark, that he continues the other battles in the future. Back in the present day, Hiroyuki sees Taiga in the darkness after he is knocked out by Kirisaki and tries to bring him back. But Titas and Fuma keyholder ran out of light that Kirisaki smells the device that the loudest noise hearing that is stuck in Hiroyuki's head, finally stopped until he dies.

He wakes up once again, sees Taiga, brainwashed who releases the dark smoke to trap Hiroyuki, who wakes up from a nightmare, much to Homare, Pirika, and Kana scared. The rookie member gone mad that Pirika electrocutes him, died again. In his nightmare, Hiroyuki introduces his name that Tregear came to Taiga, abandoned, who surpasses Taro before he punches Hiroyuki. He wakes up over and over again that Homare wants to reach into his head. Pirika had an idea: linking the brain waves and initiating links. In his nightmare for the third time, a light shines that it comes him to the HQ, he saw a vision's memory version of members that a dark smoke comes out, protected by Titas and Fuma, and he holds the other hands that lights create Taiga Spark again and a new bracelet. In reality, Hiroyuki slowly wakes up that a new bracelet, Tri-Squad-let, appeared. They saw Taiga, sitting on a building, that he wants to save the hero as they left except Kana.

As the sun shine bright, Taiga stand up before Kirisaki seeing the ending. Hiroyuki wants to save Taiga but he transforms into Fuma once again. That Kirisaki summons Hellberus, the Ultimate Disaster Monster, and Night Fang, the Nightmare Monster, from the Rings, Fuma swapped to Titas, performing a punch and holding Hellberus, that Taiga kicks the wise man. The encouragement from his friends, as well as Titas and Fuma, allowed Hiroyuki to clear the darkness inside Taiga and bring him back to his senses. The Tri-Squad and Hiroyuki were once again reunited. Having been freed from the dark influence by his friends, the power of bonds between them culminated in a new form for Taiga: Tri-Strium. Using this new power, Taiga finished off Night Fang by slashing it repeatedly and Hellberus using Titas Burning Hammer and regained their Rings. Enraged at the failure of his plan, Kirisaki transformed into Tregear to fight Taiga, but unlike his previous fights against Taiga, he was unable to land a single hit thanks to Taiga’s increased speed and strength. He soon disappeared in an explosion after being hit by the Tri-Strium Burst. After Tregear's second defeat, Hiroyuki joins Tri-Squad as partners of light. Meanwhile, Kirisaki laughs maniacally at his second loss, before saying Hiroyuki's full name, vowing revenge on the one who ruined his plans.

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On the Next Chance part 2 (次の機会に part2 Tsugi no Kikai ni Pāto tsū)

Once again, Titas and Fuma complain and rant because they didn't get a new form like Taiga did.


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