Warriors in the Evening Glow (夕映えの戦士 Yūbae no Senshi) is the tenth episode of Ultraman Taiga.


Hiroyuki meets a painter who discovers his secret. However, he has something to hide as well...


Alien Nackle, together with Black King was a proud warrior who was widely-known in the galaxy. He abandoned fighting and lived a life of peace going by the name Oda, but deep inside his heart, he still had an "urge for fighting" that he could not suppress. As Hiroyuki and Oda got to know each other, Kirisaki was to take advantage of the conflict inside Oda. What will the battle of sunset unfold!?

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A Loser's Son - Part 2 (負け犬の子 中編 Makeinu no Ko Chūhen)

Fuma continues his story of how he became an Ultraman.


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  • The coffee that Hiroyuki and Oda drink together are called Rosso Flame Shot, Blu Aqua Shot and Grigio Happy Latte.
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