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Warriors Shining Beyond (遥かに輝く戦士たち Haruka ni Kagayaku Senshi-tachi) is the twenty-fifth and final episode of Ultraman Z.


In the face of a brutal assault by the formidable Destrudos, Haruki and Ultraman Z are gravely injured. Meanwhile, STORAGE attempts a desperate, all-out attack in order to rescue Yoko, who has fallen into the enemy’s clutches!


STORAGE ep25.jpg

STORAGE members gather in front of the base where SAAG members were preparing their guns. Still convinced that the STORAGE members are all aliens while ignoring the threat of Destrudos, Mai orders her men to open fire, but Juggler quickly transforms to incapacitate the SAAG team members, at the same time exposing his identity. The GAF branches across the world were mostly wiped out, leaving STORAGE as the only remaining force left to oppose as the monster made its way to Japan.

The Dark Z Riser was busted and Z prevented his transformation, thus Juggler and Haruki had to use Windom and King Joe SC respectively as their final option left. The two SAA units try to keep Destrudos busy as Yuka try to scan for Yoko's cockpit. Before the two could be obliterated by the D4 firing ray, Inaba in Sevenger stopped the firing process, bringing along a spare battery for Windom and an arm drill for his mecha. After discovering Yoko's cockpit behind the D4 Ray cannon, the three SAA units made their move in penetrating the cockpit and Haruki/King Joe SC punched his way into the chest to drag the monster in mid air.

An amnesiac Yoko awaken to find herself in what appears to be STORAGE's main room with Haruki in front of her, challenging to another arm wrestling match. In the middle of the duel, Yoko broke into tears after remembering Haruki again and loses the match for the first time. While Haruki doubted that it means that he is able to marry her, Yoko accepted her defeat and return to the real world, using her strength to purge Celebro out of her. As a last resort, Celebro was forced to inhabit Destrudos while losing the Belial Medal to Yoko again. Although Haruki managed to extract the cockpit, Celebro-Destrudos open fired and forced Yoko out into a free fall. Haruki exited the King Joe SC to grab Yoko and summon Z, uncaring of the risk it brings to his body. After inserting Zero and Geed's Medals Haruki has Yoko inserting the Belial Medal and successfully assume Z Delta Rise Claw to save her.

As Z fought his way against Destrudos' assault, the monster regenerated the D4 cannon to fire it again. Beliarok took the full blow of the attack at the cost of his own wellbeing, creating a backlash that sends Z to a tower, both exhausted and regressed to Original form. The D4 cannon is regenerated once more and STORAGE members encouraged Z/Haruki to stand up. Both forces locked themselves in a beam struggle, but Haruki/Z's resolve created larger beam that eventually surpassed the D4 Ray and finally reducing Destrudos to pieces. Z tries to leave the scene by flying, but the strain from his fight forced him to fall as STORAGE members came to Haruki's aid. Juggler disappear from the crowd to intercept Celebro, now returning to his old tuxedo and bringing along his bonsai tree. Yuka and Kaburagi catch the alien for dissection as Juggler took his leave.

At some point of time later on, Haruki packed his belongings to bid farewell to STORAGE members. He decided to retain his bond with Z and depart for outer space to reach out for those in need of help. However, he also reassured the others that he will return for Bon Festival and New Years Day celebration. Z likewise gave his final respect to STORAGE members as he departed from Earth, where he reunited with Beliarok, who apparently decided to stick with the pair in hopes of facing more interesting opponents. The episode ends with Z drawing his eponymous letter's contrail in space.


  • Haruki Natsukawa (ナツカワ ハルキ Natsukawa Haruki): Koshu Hirano (平野 宏周 Hirano Kōshū)
  • Yoko Nakashima (ナカシマ ヨウコ Nakashima Yōko): Rima Matsuda (松田リマ Matsuda Rima)
  • Yuka Ohta (オオタ ユカ Ōta Yuka): Hikari Kuroki (黒木ひかり Kuroki Hikari)
  • Shota Hebikura (ヘビクラ ショウタ Hebikura Shōta): Takaya Aoyagi (青柳 尊哉 Aoyagi Takaya)
  • Kojiro Inaba (イナバ ルリ Inaba Kojirō): Jun Hashizume (橋爪 淳 Hashizume Jun)
  • Shinya Kaburagi (カブラギ シンヤ Kaburagi Shin'ya): Rihito Noda (野田理人 Noda Rihito)
  • Satoshi (サトシ): Reo Satou (佐藤 玲央 Satō Reo)
  • Seiji (セイジ): Fuuma Tsunoda (角田 楓馬 Tsunoda Fūma)
  • Hiroshi (ヒロシ): Daichi Takaoka (高岡 大地 Takaoka Daichi)

Guest Cast

  • Mai Yuki (ユウキマイ Yūki Mai): Maya Hayashi (林 摩耶 Hayashi Maya)
  • Guard Captain: Keisaku Kimura (木村圭作 Kimura Keisaku)

Voice Actors

  • Ultraman Z (ウルトラマンゼット Urutoraman Zetto): Tasuku Hatanaka (畠中 祐 Hatanaka Tasuku)
  • AI voice (AI 音声 AI Onsei): Katsumi Fukuhara (福原 かつみ Fukuhara Katsumi)
  • Beliarok (ベリアロク Beriaroku): Yuki Ono (小野 友樹 Ono Yūki)

Suit Actors

  • Ultraman Z: Hideyoshi Iwata (岩田 栄慶 Iwata Hideyoshi)
  • Sevenger: Kenji Kajikawa (梶川 賢司 Kajikawa Kenji)
  • Windom: Yuma Eichi (永地 悠斗 Eichi Yūma)
  • King Joe STORAGE Custom: Satoru Okabe (岡部 暁 Okabe Satoru)
  • Destrudos: Yoshiki Kuwahara (桑原 義樹 Kuwahara Yoshiki)





In memory of Kota Fukihara

  • This episode ended with a dedication to the series writer Kota Fukihara, who passed away on May 17th, 2020 due to brain hemorrhage.
  • This final episode aired the day after Keisaku Kimura's birthday, who portrayed the Guard Captain.
  • Two days after the episode's airing, director Kiyotaka Taguchi jokingly stated in his Twitter account that he went for a discussion for additional episodes which would amount to either 49 or 50 in total. His tweet garners attention from both fans and former actors from the Ultraman Series to give in their own ideas. The popular hashtags were #ウルトラマンZ全50話 in Japanese and #UltramanZ50Episodes in English.[1][2]
  • During Haruki's final words before his departure, he stated to return to during Bon Festival and New Years Day in the original dialogue. The English subtitle by Tsuburaya's YouTube channel only described the festival as "summer" in general.
  • Two kanji in the episode's title are 遥 and 輝, referencing Haruki's first name in kanji literation.


Initial (top) and fixed (bottom)

  • One of the cameramen was unintentionally recorded during Z's battle against Destrudos through an interior vehicle view. This mistake was corrected in the Blu-ray version and after the initial version.


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