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Waroga (ワロガ) is an alien that appeared in episodes 13, 14, and 48 of Ultraman Cosmos

Subtitle: Evil Space Life Form (邪悪宇宙生命体 Jaaku Uchū Seimei-tai)


Ultraman Cosmos

Waroga I

Waroga 2.jpg

Appearing on a night from seemingly out of nowhere, Waroga attacks a young woman named Reni Kurosaki in a small town. Once Musashi arrived he quickly transformed into Ultraman Cosmos to fight Waroga. However not long into the battle, Waroga turned into a purple orb and flew off while cosmos turned back into Musashi to bring Reni back to the base. That night Waroga decide to awaken an ancient monster from beneath the ground by the name of Galbas to assist him. When EYES tried to learn about Reni and thus why Waroga was targeting her, they soon discovered she had virtually no records whats over and upon a medical examination from SRC, She had some sort of alien technology in her brain like a beacon. Upon investigating further up the chain of command, Musashi found out from an intelligence officer that Reni was a presumed casualty in an accident while on a mission in a satellite and since she was sucked into space her body was never recovered. Reni remembered sometime later as Musashi managed to flee with her form a research institute that wanted to dissect her that Waroga actually saved her when she was in a vacuum of space. During this time Waroga set Galbas loose to cause some havoc to lure Cosmos out and managed to takeover EYES's computer to during this time of prevent them from assisting. After Galbas nearly knocked out Cosmos with a fireball and destroyed a nearby electric plant Waroga arrived on the scene making the situation much worse. Once Galbas destroyed a squad of tanks and Cosmos reverted to human form, Waroga fled the area quickly. The next night however a special device was activated that destroyed the chips that allowed Galbas to be controlled by Waroga. Comos to challenge him with the hero going from Luna to Corona Mode. Although the battle was difficult, Cosmos managed to destroy Waroga with a shoot of the Prominence Ball. Daughter of Time: Part 1 Daughter of Time: Part 2

Waroga II

Waroga II

Waroga reappeared again months later where he planned a scheme to eliminate Musashi/Cosmos by revealing the place for him and EYES and JADF Forces to combat. As the battle rages, Musashi is about to transform but knocked by one of Waroga's beam. The next day, Waroga revealed that he will attacked the SRC Medical Centre as everyone evacuated from the hospital and the place now becoming a battlefield for Waroga and Earth Defense Forces. With all defenses proven ineffective, Musashi finally awaken from a coma and transform into Cosmos. Though Waroga managed to overpower him, but Shinobu pilots the TECCH Spinnar and a surviving army tank attack its eyes. Cosmos took this opening and destroys him with Blazing Wave. Waroga Counterattack




  • Height: 66 m
  • Weight: 50,000 t
  • Origin: Space
  • Weakness: Waroga's eye seems to be the source of his invisibility ability, destroying it would cause him to unable to use it. Also, he is fully vulnerable in orb form.
Powers and Weapons
  • Sword Punch Arms (ソードパンチアーム Sōdo Panchi Āmu): Waroga's arms are shaped like swords which used in combat.
    • Arms Shot (アームスショット Āmusu Shotto): Waroga can fire a purple beam from the swords on his hands. These beams can cause large explosions when they hit and can match the power of other beams.
    • Double Arms Shot (ダブルアームスショット Double Āmusu Shotto): A rapid firing version of Waroga's Arms Shot. It is recognized in Ultra Kaiju Battle Breeders as his special attack.
  • Teleportation: Waroga is capable teleporting long distances at will.
  • Invisibility: When needed, Waroga can become invisible to the naked eye.
  • Orb: In order to faster movement, Waroga can transform his body into a small purple orb and fly trough the air.
    • Light Bulb Ray (光球光線 Kōkyū Kōsen): When in this state he can also unleash a storm of purple energy bolts.
  • Technology Control: Waroga can control or disrupt technologies. This also includes his Modulator Biochip.
    • Modulator Biochip (変調機バイオチップ Henchō-ki Baiochippu): Waroga can implant microchip on humans or monsters to control their actions in order to made them serve under his bidding. He used this on a woman to infiltrate EYES Base and on Galbas.
  • Dream Invasion: Waroga can interact with humans when they sleep or unconsciousness.
Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth
  • Phantasm Attack (ファンタズムアタック Fantazumu Atakku): Waroga uses his teleportation to disorient his target and performing a surprise attack.
  • Beam Rain (光線雨 Kōsen Ame): As an energy orb, Waroga unleashes raining energy beams in all directions.

Chaos Waroga

Chaos Waroga

In the series, he doesn't have any transformations, but in the game he has one transformation named Chaos Waroga (カオスワロガ Kaosu Waroga).

  • Height: 66 m
  • Weight: 50,000 t
  • Origin: Chaos Header
  • Weakness: Despite having his combat skills upgraded, this however costs his defense, making him futile to attacks.
Powers and Weapons
  • Assault Arms (アサルトアームス Asaruto Āmusu): Chaos Waroga's arms are shaped like spears which used in combat.
    • Assault Arms Shot (アサルトアームズショット Asaruto Āmusu Shotto): Chaos Waroga can fire a purple beam from the spear on his hands. These beams can cause large explosions when they hit and can match the power of other beams.
  • Wormhole Transformation: Chaos Waroga can transform into a wormhole once he's defeated and dragging the opponent to the hyperspace.
  • Orb: In order to faster movement, Chaos Waroga can transform his body into a small orb and fly trough the air.
    • Beam Rain (光線雨 Kōsen Ame): As an energy orb, Chaos Waroga unleashes raining energy beams in all directions.

Other Media

Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth

Waroga is a playable character in the video game Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth. His clone in Ultraman Fighting Evolution 0 was used by Alien Temperor.



Ultraman Cosmos


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