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War Deity (いくさがみ~戦神~ Ikusagami) is the sixth episode of Ultraman Orb THE ORIGIN SAGA.


Continuing where the previous episode left, as the War Deity unveils herself, Shohei was sent to the hospital again and is given multiple defibrillations. Although Partel suggest this as the right time to pluck the fruits from the tree of life, Psychi wants to oversee the battle first. The War Deity was only shown defending instead of using brute force, as well as struggling to save the tree of life. Orb and Dyna joins the fray but despite their intention to save her, the War Deity instead tormented with her opponents' deaths.

In the heat of the giant battle, the 2 and 10 metre-class Bezelbs hunt down the Kanon natives while the soldiers protect them. As one of them about to kill Raigou, he is saved by none other than his rival Shinra, with Juggler and the Kanon royal guards join in. Crying over the deaths in both sides, the War Deity approaches the Queen Bezelb and tries to establish a contact. The latter seems to agree and takes an upright appearance which gains the impression of the combatants as their mind synchronizes. However it was all revealed to be a ruse, as a Bezelb emerges and infected the war deity. Although Orb managed to destroy said Bezelb, the War Deity is now under the Bezelb's manipulation, leaving an unconscious Amate to spiritually reunite with Shohei, who also felt her pain. Musashi finally participate as Cosmos to stop the rampaging queen.

To save Amate/War Deity, Shinra lead the party to the Tree of Life to obtain its seed. While the rest deal with Bezelbs, Juggler obtains a seed from the tree and sent it to Orb, who turned it into a spear and launched it towards the War Deity's headdress, slowly purifying her. His excitement however is short-lived as Micott was stabbed by a Bezelb when attempting to fight it with Juggler's katana and his fighting style, causing the former to shriek in fear.


  • Gai Kurenai (クレナイ・ガイ Kurenai Gai): Hideo Ishiguro (石黒 英雄 Ishiguro Hideo)
  • Jugglus Juggler (ジャグラスジャグラー Jagurasu Jagurā): Takaya Aoyagi (青柳 尊哉 Aoyagi Takaya)
  • Amate (アマテ Amate): Saki Fukuda (福田 沙紀 Fukuda Saki)
  • Miccot (ミッコト Mikkoto): Ayane (文音)
  • Ricca (リッカ Rikka): Asuka Shibuya (渋谷 飛鳥 Shibuya Asuka)
  • Shohei Moriwaki (森脇 翔平 Moriwaki Shōhei): Yasuhisa Furuhara (古原 靖久 Furuhara Yasuhisa)
  • Yui Nishioka (西岡 結衣 Nishioka Yui): Karen Miyazaki (宮﨑 香蓮 Miyazaki Karen)
  • Shinra (シンラ Shinra): Yasuyuki Maekawa (前川 泰之 Maekawa Yasuyuki)
  • Raigo (ライゴウ Raigou): Takaaki Enoki (榎木 孝明 Enoki Takaaki)
  • Psychi (サイキ Saiki): Motoya Izumi (和泉 元彌 Izumi Motoya)
  • Shin Asuka/Ultraman Dyna (アスカ・シン/ウルトラマンダイナ Asuka Shin/Urutoraman Daina): Takeshi Tsuruno (つるの 剛士 Tsuruno Takeshi)
  • Musashi Haruno/Ultraman Cosmos (春野 ムサシ/ウルトラマンコスモス Haruno Musashi/Urutoraman Kosumosu): Taiyo Sugiura (杉浦 太陽 Sugiura Taiyo)
  • Bugen (ブゲン Bugen): Takeyuki Yue (湯江 健幸 Yue Takeyuki)
  • Yosuke Aoi (青井 洋介 Aoi Yōsuke): Mister Chin (ミスターちん Misutā Chin)
  • Partel (パーテル Pāteru): Riho Iida (飯田里穂 Īda Riho)
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