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WINR (Worldwide Investigation Network Response team) is a military team in formed in the USA and where the featured attack team of Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero. One of their members, Kenichi Kai, became the human host of Ultraman Powered when the team was investigating a crater.


The search team WINR was established by the United Nations which aims to detect and deal with the supernatural and the strange phenomena associated with monsters and aliens. T his unit is focused on the defense against all threats. They have various military equipment and weapons to cope with disasters arising from monsters.


Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero



The base of WINR American branch is located in suburban Los Angeles, California. The building is fortified to withstand earthquakes, and has fire protection as well. It is also equipped with various types of laser guns to resist the invasion of aliens. The command room is staffed with personal that monitor 24/7 for unusual phenomena that occur across America.


Russel Edlund

Captain Russel Edlund is the captain and chief commander of operations, he has a wealth of practical experience. His task of attitude was strictly pragmatic.

Kenichi Kai

Kenichi Kai is WINR's only Japanese-American member, he is the host of Ultraman Powered. Usually responsible for collecting intelligence and rear support, etc., and sometimes pilots Hawk jets, mostly with Beth, but also is proficient in a variety of weapons knowledge. He has a symbiotic relationship with Powered. In addition, he is WINR's second in command.

Theresa Beck

Theresa Beck is the only scientist, as there are like minded organizations. She is responsible for information management operations command room analysis to propose a solution.
She is also very interested in research on Powered personal things, but also is the first to know that Kai is Powered.

Rick Sanders

Rick Sanders is the WINR's marks man and one of their pilots, he loves his job and somtimes disobays orders to shoot at monsters. He also loves talking about American jokes, like the typical American. He also hates to be called by the wrong name.

Julie Young

Julie Young is one of WINR's pilots, she can give full play STRIKE VTOL performance. She was the one who was with Kai when investigating Ultraman's ship. She is commonly on the job with Rick, and her brother in law becomes the monster Jamila.



  • WINR Helmet: All members are equipped with battle helmet with built-in camera.


  • WINR SHOOT: WINR's 0.6mm caliber carried by all the members, the guns stretch into LAUNCHER MODE; firing 9mm rockets.
  • Rocket gun: WINR's bazooka with strong firepower.there is also a four rocket launcher firing port.


  • Sky Hunter: A 313-meter-long mobile transport carrier capable of sub-stratospheric flight. It is a multi-purpose rigid airship that can act as a mobile base. In addition to two Strike VTOLs, it can carry the Special Submarine S-22 and various land vehicles. Its optional weapons are a powerful laser cannon and large missile launchers. The ship can also transport monsters with the use of a system of mechanical arms.
  • Strike VTOL/HAWK: WINR's main two-seater anti-monster fighter. WINR possesses at least four of them in WINR Headquarters, and two can be loaded into the Sky Hunter.
  • ROVER: An all-terrain four-wheel vehicle, with speed up to 240km. It can seat six people.
  • Special Submarine S-22: An all-purpose submarine capable of operating at depths of 10,000 meters. It is armed with two torpedoes.


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