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Vortex Fire (ボルテックファイヤー Borutekku Faiyā) is a Kaiju that exclusively appearing in Ultraman Z's manga prequel, Fight! Sevenger.[1]

Subtitle: Exploding Flame Monster (爆烈炎怪獣 Bakuretsu Honō Kaijū)



Vortex Fire was designed by the winner of a Kaiju designing contest held by Televi-Kun magazine under the promise of being the next monster to appear in the manga. Mangaka Tetsuya Kawaishi clean-up the monster's design for its canonical appearance.


Fight! Sevenger

From the Matsudori City, Vortex Fire rises up and begins its reign of terror on the nearby city. It defeated Sevenger to the point of exhausting its battery reserves. STORAGE then formulated their plan by using Red Smogy as a human bullet, where SC-2 Prototype Machine escort it to the monster. Idatenran helped with the mission until Sevenger delivers the blow, followed by a headbutt attack once the monster became paralyzed.


  • Origin: Matsudori City, Chiba Prefecture
Powers and Weapons
  • Body Heat: Even if it was buried underground, Vortex Fire can emit heat that causes a body of water (a pond) to evaporate. According to Yuka, the monster's body composition is made out of magma.
  • Exoskeleton: In addition to its magma-like hide, Vortex Fire's body is also protected by a set of durable exoskeleton.[2]
  • Burrowing: Although the actual method is unknown, Vortex Fire can emerge from underground with little to no effort.
  • Flight: Vortex Fire can fly through a pair of wings on its back.
  • Elemental Finisher Attack: Vortex Fire has three finishers that require the monster to tap into specified elements.
    • Destructive Explosion Brave (破壊爆烈ブレイブ Hakai Bakuretsu Bureibu): By tapping into "fire" (火 Hi), Vortex Fire can exhale a stream of flame from its beak.
    • Tornado: By tapping into "grass" (草 Kusa), Vortex Fire can generate a massive cyclone as a projectile against the opponent.
    • Brave Beam (ブレイブ光線 Bureibu Kōsen): By tapping into "sand" (砂 suna), Vortex Fire unleashes a beam ray from its beak.
    • Rising Sun Giant Exploding Wave (日ノ丸爆大波 Hinomaru Bakudai-ha): By tapping into "fire", "grass" and "sand", Vortex Fire unlashes several fireballs from its Bemstar-like gorge.


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