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The Voice of Light is a mysterious entity native to Planet O-50, which takes the form of a giant halo atop the Crusader's Peak, a remote mountain on the planet's surface. It is a sentient force who bestowed several chosen ones with the ability to transform into Ultras.

Its true name is unknown and has been referred to using different terms throughout its appearances:

  • Voice of Light (光の声 Hikari no Koe)[1]
  • Message of Light (光のメッセージ Hikari no Mesēji)[2]
  • Ring of Light
    • (光のリング Hikari no Ringu)[3]
    • (光の環[4]/光の輪[5] Hikari no Wa)
  • Light of Orb[6] (オーブの光 Ōbu no Hikari)[7]
  • Will of Light (光の意思 Hikari no Ishi)[8][9][10]


Ultraman Orb Chronicle


"The light of Orb has chosen you. Be prepared for it, you are now Ultraman Orb."

―Juggler, Glittering Star.

The giant halo was prophesied to grant the chosen one with the power of Ultraman Orb. To do this, they would accept the challenge of climbing the unexplored Crusader's Peak on Planet O-50, a near impossible task. Two members of the defense force, Gai and Jugglus Juggler would race themselves to the peak. Although Juggler arrived first, he was quickly rejected and the ring chooses Gai instead. The giant halo in turn assimilated with Gai and transforms him into Ultraman Orb's first form, Origin the First.

The first mission that it granted to Gai was to stop the threat of Bezelbs from spreading Kugutsu across the galaxy. After completing the task, Origin the First was further evolved into Orb Origin.

Ultraman Orb Chronicle Chapters 2 & 3

With his next mission, Gai was ordered to collect all four elemental jewels that would make up the additional powers of Orb Calibur. Although he succeeded, the giant halo was initially unresponsive before Gai thwarted the prison break on Planet 484 caused by Juggler. It provided Gai with the Orb Ring, an object which allows him to manifest the powers of past Ultra Warriors through his forms and the mission to stop Maga-Orochi's awakening on Earth.

Ultraman Orb: The Chronicle

During Gai's return to Crusader's Peak, the giant halo emerged from the Orb Ring and discussed with Gai of the new Ultra Warriors Ultraman Rosso and Ultraman Blu. Gai assured the ring that his bonds with his comrades is what gives him the strength to move on before departing alone.

Ultraman R/B Novel: The Blue-Eyed Girl Whose Name is Gray Chapters 4 & 5

The Ring of Light grants the three siblings, Rosso, Blu and Grigio the Gyros and R/B Crystals, as well as their mission to defeat Leugocyte.

Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes

The Voice of Light is seen in the background during Orb's battle with Ultraman X Darkness and Ultraman Geed Darkness.

Chosen Ones

The Voice of Light has chosen several warriors to wield its power, granting them their respective Transformation Items as well.


  • Prophecy: Although the true extent of this ability is unclear, this entity is responsible for instructing Gai Kurenai/Ultraman Orb with the prophecies and missions he would accomplish. When it sent Gai on a task to collect the elements for Orb Calibur, said locations were coincidentally in need of help that required Gai to interfere and fight against its respective villains.
  • Power Endowment: The actual purpose of the voice of light is to grant the power of an Ultraman to its rightful user. It can also reject those who were deemed unfit for it, an example being Juggler, to which it responded by shocking him with volts of electricity before sending him backwards. Aside from the Orb Calibur, the Voice of Light can grant Gai/Orb additional powers, such as an upgrade into Orb Origin and the Orb Ring to operate on Earth.
  • Forced Transformation: In both the beginning and final episodes of THE ORIGIN SAGA, the Voice of Light forcefully transforms Gai into Ultraman Orb without his own consent. The latter episode justified this to signify Orb's evolution from Origin the First into Orb Origin.
  • Device Possession: The Voice of Light is capable of inhabiting the transformation devices of Ultraman Orb. It is initially seen within the Orb Calibur and can also be summoned from the Orb Ring.


  • Because of their shared voice actor, the voice of light is suspected to be the Orb Ring itself and is implied to have followed Gai during his time on Earth.
  • As the ring is called "the light of Orb" at times, it is implied that the ring is the true identity/consciousness of Ultraman Orb.