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The Villain Guild (ヴィラン・ギルド Viran Girudo) is a secret alien organization that takes part in various criminal activities. They are under the lead of an Alien Zetton named Zolin.


The Villain Guild is a crime organization formed by Zolin under the guise of "Zolin Corporation" (ゾリンコーポレーション Zorin Kōporēshon) as a front for him and his affiliates to operate within human society. They had been involved in several alien-related crimes since several years before the start of Ultraman Taiga. The organization was reported to EGIS from the External Affairs X Division, who fight against their members several times and foil their schemes. Even with Zolin arrested, their activities still continued.




  • Firearms: The Villain Guild has a wide arsenal of weapons at their disposal. These include regular handguns and rifles to powerful energy blasters.
  • Melee Weapons: The Villain Guild members use multiple melee weapons, from swords to bats.
  • Spaceship: The auctioning of the Villain Guild takes place on a massive spaceship in orbit around the Earth.
  • Monsters: The Villain Guild has monsters under their control.
  • Belial Cells: As revealed by Mabuze, the Villain Guild has cells of Ultraman Belial.

Monsters in Possession