"UltraLive: Ultraman Victory!"

―Transformation Announcement

"UlTrans: (Kaiju's name) (Weapon name)!"

―Activation announcement for UlTrans

Victory Lancer (ビクトリーランサー Bikutorī Ransa) is a device used in Ultraman Ginga S. It is the transformation device of Ultraman Victory, the secondary Ultra of the series.


An ancient relic of the Victorians, a race of underground humans. In modern times it was given to Prince Shou to use to retrieve the Victorium Stone.

The artifact's powers can only be used by a special of Victorian called a Chosen Victorian. It is unknown, what makes one 'chosen' but it may possibly by like Hikaru's Mark of Courage, which allows him to use the Ginga Spark.


  • Transformation: The Victory Lancer is how Shou transforms into Ultraman Victory, via the Ultraman Victory Spark Doll.
  • UlTrans: Like with the Ginga Spark, the Victory Lancer is powered by Spark Dolls. By scanning Kaiju Spark Doll, unlike Ginga Spark however, Victory's arm/hand will change based on the respective Kaiju Doll used.
  • Gun Form: The Victory Lancer can also transform into a gun that fires Light Bullets by rotating the barrel.
    • UltraLive: While in Gun Form, if a Spark Doll scanned, its power will materialize as an energy blast.
      • Restoration: As shown in the movie, the Victory Lancer can restore Ultras into their original form. It is unknown if it can be used on a Kaiju. It is also unknown if it can be used on normal Spark Dolls, as this is only shown through the Ultra Fusion Brace.



  • The way Victory summons/UltraLives kaiju in the gun form of the Victory Lancer is similar to the secondary rider of Kamen Rider Decade, Kamen Rider Diend, who can summon past Riders with his gun-like transformation device, the Diendriver.
  • The Victory Lancer is the first Spark Device to not have the word 'Spark' in its name.
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