Veron Render
Home world: Space
First Appearance: Ultraman Taro episode 48 "Monster Girl's Festival"
Latest Appearance: Takeshi's Castle (non-canon)
Height: 54 m
Weight: 23,000 t
Category: Kaiju
Affiliation: Alien File
Beryudora (Combination)
Roar(s): TBA

Veron (ベロン Beron) was a kaiju that appears in the TV series, Ultraman Taro.

Subtitle: Drunk Monster (酔っぱらい怪獣 Yopparai Kaijū)


  • Height: 54 m
  • Weight: 20,000 t


Veron collided with Earth off-screen. He proceeds to drunkenly make his way through the city. ZAT appeared to try and combat the beast in vain as it kept teleporting away when they attacked it. A young boy named Taro later discovered the Alien Files who he agrees to help them reclaim Veron. They do this by giving him some sweet rice wine and getting him to dance until he fell asleep. This didn't work, even with the help of ZAT. Seeing all hope was lost, Kotaro Higashi transformed into Ultraman Taro. Veron pauses and challenges Taro to a dance-off. After a few rounds however, Taro decides enough is enough and poured the water-filled Ultra Bucket over Veron, sobering him. Taro and the Alien Files then rise Veron back to space.


Powers and Weapons

  • Flames: Veron can emit a deadly stream of fire from his mouth.
  • Teleportation: When desired, Veron can teleport long distances. When he does this, his body vanishes in a cloud of smoke.


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