Vanguerrillas (ヴァンゲリラス Vu~angerirasu) are massive jellyfish-like Kaiju that appeared in Emergency Directive 10-4·10-10.

Subtitle: Amazon Vampire (アマゾンの吸血鬼 Amazon no Kyūketsuki)[1]


The Vanguerrillas were microorganisms that sucked the blood off of the Amazon natives and lived in a lake near Japan. After more victims came to Vanguerrillas it grew 2 meters and was then stopped by the 10-4 attack team.


  • Vanguerrillas' suit was made from a modified Varricane suit.


  • Height: 2 m
  • Weight: 103 kg
  • Origin: Amazon River
Powers and Weapons
  • Stingers: Concealed in their tendrils, the jellyfish vampires have venomous stingers.
  • Tentacles: Vanguerrillas can use its tentacles to suck the blood cells out of animals.



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