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VTL Squad (ビートル隊 Bītoru-tai stands for "Versatile Tactical Leader") is a defense team that appeared in 2016 Ultraman Series, Ultraman Orb. Unlike other defense teams, they do not appear as frequently as others and the only member to appear consistently is Ittetsu Shibukawa.


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Ittetsu Shibukawa (渋川 一徹 Shibukawa Ittetsu) is the VTL's captain and Naomi's uncle. VTL's association with the independent organization SSP is due to Shibukawa himself. Although he is quite supportive of the organization, he is also worried for their safety, especially with Naomi being his niece. Aside from being a captain, he is also a tenth dan in Judo and a third dan in karate.

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Ryutaro Suganuma (菅沼 龍太郎 Suganuma Ryūtarō) is the president of VTL Japan. He appeared only in episodes 24 and 25.

VTL Nagamine.png
Nagamine (長嶺) is the VTL Japan's Ground Troops Officer.

VTL Sakai.png
Sakai (阪井) is the VTL Japan's Aviation Troops Officer.



  • Super Gun Revolver (スーパーガンリボルバー Sūpā Gan Riborubā): A handheld revolver that launches energy bullet ammunition. The gun is based on a revolver, while its barrel and namesake is a tribute to SSSP's Supergun from Ultraman.
  • Communicators
  • Howa Type 89: A standard assault rifle that was similarly used by the Japan Self-Defense Forces.
  • Spiner R-1 (スパイナーR1 Supainā Āru Wan): An intercontinental ballistic missile that was developed by the VTL's headquarter in Paris. Its impact range is estimated to be 10 km radius. This missile was launched towards the Tokyo Tower to stop Magata no Orochi from awakening under Juggler's own advice but instead it played a pivotal part in the monster's own resurrection. The missile was also prophesied in Magata no Orochi's awakening in the Pacific Records, symbolized as "an arrow like a bolt that strikes the ground".


  • Z-VTOL (ゼットビートル Zetto Bītoru): A blue and silver fighter jet used by VTL members.


  • In an interview with Kiyotaka Taguchi (Orb's main director), he stated that his reason of omitting the research/investigation department from this defense team is due to his idea of viewing this team as "street officers" instead. He also wanted to give more appearance/focus on SSP.
  • Although Shibukawa is the only named member to appear, there are several members during the series' course with known actors/voice actors:
  • The Spiner R-1 is a tribute to the high explosive Spiner from the episode 28 of Ultraseven and the interstellar ballistic missile R-1 from the episode 26 of the same series.
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