VTL (Versatile Tactical Leader)
VTL Logo
Members: Ittetsu Shibukawa (Captain)
Affiliations: SSP (Something Search People) (Associate)
Designations: Police Squad
First appearance: Ultraman Orb episode 1 "The Sunset Wanderer"
Latest appearance: TBA

VTL Squad (ビートル隊 Bītoru-tai stands for "Versatile Tactical Leader") is an attack team that appeared in 2016 Ultra Series, Ultraman Orb. Unlike other attack teams, they do not appear as frequently as others and the only member to appear consistently is Ittetsu Shibukawa.


Ultraman Orb



Shibukawa 0526
Main article: Ittetsu Shibukawa

Ittetsu Shibukawa (渋川 一徹 Shibukawa Ittetsu) is the VTL's captain and Naomi's uncle. VTL's association with the independent organization SSP is due to Shibukawa himself. Although he is quite supportive of the organization, he is also worried for their safety, especially with Naomi being his niece. Aside from being a captain, he is also a tenth dan in Judo and a third dan in karate.


As this team is a police squad, their main equipment were no different to standard police officers.

  • Revolver: The team's main weapon for defense.
  • Communicators



  • In an interview with Kiyotaka Taguchi (Orb's main director), he stated that his reason of omitting the research/investigation department from this attack team is due to his idea of viewing this team as "street officers" instead.
  • Although Shibukawa is the only known member to appear, there are other members during the series course, which only heard in voices. These unnamed members are portrayed/voiced by these characters:
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