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Usual (ユーゼアル Yūzearu) is a friendly and helpful space monster that appeared in the Ultraman Mebius novel, Anderes Horizont in episode 5.

Subtitle: Space Monster (宇宙怪獣 Uchu Kaiju)


Ultraman Mebius: Anderes Horizont

Usual was a friendly space monster that roamed the vastness of space helping various aliens. It had a natural instinct to help others such as delivering lost travelers to their destinations, taking lost children back to their mothers, giving food to planets that could not make enough for their people, along with many other kind deeds. This earned it a place in legends of the Ultras, Alien Mates, Alien Shaplay, and many others. Six years before the Mebius's time on Earth, a GUYS ship named Gerbera had become trapped in Earth's atmosphere, and was unable to return. All of the crew except for one individual had died for unknown reasons. Usual appeared to help Gerbera get back to Earth, and brought it back. GUYS not knowing what the space monster was, named it Gigantia.

Usual was later brought back to Earth after being captured by an Alien Shaplay who wanted to get Ultonium Crystals with an albino version of Giradorus. After his first attempt in the Kanta region failed, he summoned Usual and fused with the unwilling monster. This resulted in the fusion, Shaplay Beast which then proceeded to charge forward and attack GUYS's weapons. Ultraman Mebius appeared and fought the fusion beast. After a long and difficult battle, Mebius finally destroyed Shaplay Beast, but also killed Usual in the process.


  • Usual is one of the original monsters to appear in Anderes Horizont along with Witch and Shaplay Beast.


Powers and Weapons
  • Flight: Usual has enough flight ability to be able to traverse space and travel to different solar systems.
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