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Ultraman Monster Legend - 40 Years of Truth

SV Gaia
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I'm interested in this OVA you mentioned, but I can't find anything solid. Can you make a blog post showing us all you know and have on it?

Meg-chan (talk) 07:58, August 4, 2019 (UTC) - You can watch the OV here: Also, there was an Ultra Q OV but at that time, I can't find where was the video of it.

Ultraseven character pages

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You look interested with the Ultra Garrison page. How about you make their individual character pages as well? That way, I can find a method to remove those tabbers in the Ultra Garrison page.

Meg-chan (talk) 07:54, August 4, 2019 (UTC) -  Recently, I made pages for the entire 1994 TV Special-era members and Satomi Hayakawa. However, I might considered fixing them up soon and giving wiki pages for the remaining OV-era members soon. 

Muhammad Amir - We've only planned, but fate is unpredictable!:
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Just asking: in one of these two pages I'm going to create, which one will you prefer, Linda Hardisty or Melvin Webb?

Meg-chan (talk) 07:54, August 4, 2019 (UTC) -  I prefer both but Linda Hardisty might be a better choice given her interesting background and how her fate was addressed since 4 years ago. You can also make a page for Melvin Webb's actor.


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