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  • Yaoyao9

    Good Bye

    February 8, 2013 by Yaoyao9

    Hello there, all readers. It was my wish that we can have a strong Wiki that is able to educate the world on the greatness that was Ultraman. However, two users (not going to be named, founder and brother) have taught me enough is enough, and this site is lost for good, so me, goji73, and a few other past contributors are going to try and claim a new Wikipedia to better the odds. Contact me on my facebook if you would like to join once the project begins, and believe me, it will not go on hiatus

    so, thank you all, those who are not vandals, for helping me with my years here.


    Yao Liu

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  • Yaoyao9

    OK, this is a little rant. However hard this may be, I have decided against using harsh language and cussing, even though this issue ticks me off A LOT. So, without further ado, let's go and dive in.

    I remember when I unofficially created the "Toy Release Information" section when I edited a page one day and decided it was appropriate that Bandai merchandise information be featured, since the "Ultra Monster Series" page was already created. So, I created a little section for users who actually OWNS the figure to write a non-biased, non-opionated description of the toy. When Bullmark and Marusan's pages came out, I wasn't quite confident that it would fit into the section, as no one I knew had those figures. However, it was best for the comm…

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  • Yaoyao9

    UFE3 S Rank GET!

    December 16, 2012 by Yaoyao9

    So yeah, after seeing a post with not-so-accurate hints on completing UFE3, I decided to go direct and give you guys the best ways of doing it. These are only the hidden scenarios, as regular rules (how much health you have left, how long can you take) still apply. Those are easy to figure out. So yeah, let's begin. New items will be updated when they can be.

    • The Prince of Monsters
    1. Use the Ultra Slash to cut off Gomora's tail.
    2. Use grab move to pull off Gomora's nasal horn.
    • Thank You Ultraman
      • Ending 1: Ultraman defeated
      1. Activate all three special attacks in the following sequence: Ring, Ultra Slash, Specium Ray
      • Ending 2: Science Patrol (SSSP) attack
      1. Use only the Specium Ray.

    • Ultra Garrison Westward
      1. Allow King Joe to pick up boats, then destroy the bo…

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  • Yaoyao9


    August 31, 2012 by Yaoyao9

    I just saw Ultraman: Chao-to-Shi today, and it was like DBZ, except more EPIC!!!!! Dang that movie is good.

    +Edits: also known as Super Fighter Legends

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  • Yaoyao9

    Hey guys; if you are reading this, please understand that I am only doing this out of boredom. I like the Ultras, so I just wanted to give my opinon on each of them.

    WELCOME! Thanks for reading this far, and this is a quick summary:

    The opinons expressed in this commentary/review/whatever-you-like-to-call -it is the sole opinon of the writer. The writer, Yaoyao9, cannot be held responsible for any feelings hurt by the opinons expressed here. The writer is protected by the constitution of the United States of America as "The Right of Free Speech". This blog is not to be updated or edited and the rating given is not to be revoked as this is solely opinons combined with facts for a greater opinon.

    I am very excited about this review, as it is fo…

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