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aka Cydrixar from YouTube

  • I live in The UK
  • I was born on September 30
  • My occupation is Teenager, Coder, Lover of Obscurity, Probably some other stuff too
  • I am A Masculine Man-thing (I hope so anyway)
  • Ultraman Life

    As you all may or may not know, I run the 'Cydrixar' youtube channel that you most likely know from the Geed song translations and Easter Egg videos. Well i am here to tell yous all that for the past few weeks i have been working on my biggest video project to date: The "Ultraman Orb Easter Egg Extravaganza". As it has taken me so long to get this project out, and i think it would be of great use here, I would like to advertise it here. When it has finished uploading, i will put the link on this blog post also. So please, don't miss out on this opportunity.

    Full Video: i spent WAY too long on this...

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  • Ultraman Life

    So, i came thought it'd be fun to do this. Z and Sol seem to have nothing against this so yee. Tell me which one you like the most and if you can do any of your own, comment them here and I will gladly add them to this (they can be created easily using PowerPoint if nothing else). Hopefully you'll find at least some enjoyment out of these...

    Sevenmeme1.png|Ultra70s Sevenmeme2.png|Ultra777 (BeefCakes) Ultraseven_of_nine.jpg|UltraSeven of Nine (Ultramanminecraft) Jackmeme1.png|Ultraman Jack Shindo Jackmeme2.png|Ultraman Jack Torrance Jackmeme3.png|Ultraman Jack Black Jackmeme4.png|Ultraman Jack Bower Jackmeme5.png|Ultraman Jakki Jackmeme6.png|Ultraman Jackhammer Jackmeme7.png|Ultraman Jack the Ripper Jackmeme8.png|Ultraman Jackass Jackmeme9.…

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  • Ultraman Life

    a story

    December 26, 2017 by Ultraman Life

    so here's a funny story:

    just finished doing a translation on the full episode of Don Shine

    uploading it

    copyright claim at 55% uploaded

    then i was sad  

    then i uploaded it to dailymotion and everything was good:

    the end

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  • Ultraman Life

    So it has come to my attention that recently we have included in the wiki.

    A. I don't really think this series is beneficial to put on this wiki as there is no direct relation to Ultraman within it. As I've watched the entire series and all the side things and other works the company who made the show have done, I only found inspiration to Ultraman Kaiju and Seijin within it. for example in the pilot special, the kaiju within it is a clear rip-off of Jirass, one of the kaiju in episode 7 shares its name with Goromaking, the kaiju in episode 8 is clearly inspired by Pigmon and the enemy in episode 12 is clearly inspired by Alien Baltan. So in spite of this I personally think that it should go on my wiki:…

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  • Ultraman Life

    Seven Footage help plz

    November 20, 2017 by Ultraman Life

    So you may know of the Ultraman Geed Easter Egg series on YouTube. If so you may or may not know that that series was created by me under the username Cydrixar. here's a link to the series playlist:

    For the next episode of the series (episodes 20 & 21) I found an Easter Egg during Solid Burning's battle with Gyeron an how there is a clip of a battle, followed by freeze-frame of it, followed by a cut to a different point of said battle. I know these exist in Seven somewhere, but can't exactly remember where. The only two I can think of are Spell's episodes and technically the Aron battle, but I don't really think that counts as they weren't used for 'dramatic e…

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