Okay, so I was wondering what if Ultramen were clothes or nothing and if their skin color is supposed to be silver or not. An I really hope it's not because that would mean most of the Ultrawomen are, well you know. So I made this blog in hopes of possibly finding out what other people think and what is most reasonable. So please leave your ideas. 

Ultraseven's wife

This pic was drawn by the artist who did the Ultraman story manga. This Ultrawoman is supposed to be Ultraseven's wife.



My Idea is that the ultras have some kind of skin to hold in there inner light that can be compared to our own skin if you know what I mean, and they were clothes of coarse but I still can't figure out if red or blue is a skin color or a clothes style. But there is something that suggests that it's a skin color.

This was drawn for the Ultra Galaxy Legends movie, when Zero was first introduced so if this lady is his mother than that explains why he is both red and blue.

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