I haven't edited much, but after nearly having a heart attack upon viewing of the grammar of several kaiju pages, and seeing the Ultraman Max series page, I decided to set to work on that. However, time is sparce, so I'm wondering if anyone could help with some of the fixes that I'm trying to acomplish.

1. Operation Maximum 

2. Undertaking Aqua

  • Fix. All. Stub. Articles. 
  • There are hundreds of pages which need to be rewritten.
  • Add information to the episodes pages. I won't have much time for this, so it may take a good while. 
  • Fix! Grammar! On! All! Pages!
  • Some pages go overboard on categories.
  • Categories in general are a mess. 
  • Special:WantedPages is a list of all links that don't exist on this wiki. Remove them. 
  • Create pages for human characters, particularly members of defense teams. 

Other Matters

  • Add Template:Wikipedia to any articles with content pasted from Wikipedia, and de-plagiarize other articles.
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