Many of this wiki's articles are plagiarized. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, depending on the content license. If you copy-paste from Wikipedia, PLEASE remember we need to give credit! Template:Wikipedia is a handy tool for this. (To insert the template in the new visual editor, go to "insert" on the navbar, click "template" and search for "wikipedia". You can then click the template and it'll be inserted. In source mode, just insert "Wikipedia" with brackets ({{}}) around it.

If copying from other sites, make sure you have the author's permission AND credit them, or else rewrite it in your own words. Having your work stolen just isn't a good feeling. It's rude. Don't steal work.

Another thing to remember: it's better if you paste in source mode and re-insert the links and paragraphs. It's more work, but keeps the page from looking like this: Format mess.

Also, make sure you reformat any kana or kanji on the page using the nihongo template.

Thank you.

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