Hey guys, hopefully this blog won't be long.

Now for all you new users and maybe some older ones, we all do this...

To make everything as simple as possible, when you're writing History Sections on Ultra, Character Kaiju etc pages... please summarize the page. We do not want a full length detail of everything that happened in an episode, that's why we have Episode pages. Look at the Ultraman Nexus page, yes, I feel it's too long, but it tells the story of the series and doesn't go into annoying detail for each episode. It says the major things, from the character's point-of-view, and moves on.

With the History section, it is about that character's history not the events of the episode, yes clearly certain things will overlap, but there are no omnipresent characters in the Ultra series that require such meticulous detail in their history sections.

So guys, in the future, try not to go overboard with what you are writing.

Also, write in the past or past continuous tense. You are recapping events, you are giving information of what you say. There is no reason why it should be written like its happening now. This is the same for almost everything else on this wiki.

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