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Greetings Ultra Fan, and general users of the community. I'm making this post today to deal with a problem. In the upper echelons of the Wiki's community and management, there is an impasse. We have found ourselves at each other's throat over this topic, and I've since decided that it's best, if the entire community chooses, since we cannot break this stalemate ourselves. The question is thus: should we name the character page Ultraman Z or Ultraman Zett?

The Reasons

The basis of this debate is a debate of intent, what did the writers, the creators actually intend as the pronunciation and spelling of the character's name. For this reason the divide has resulted in two camps; Z or Zett.

The Reasons for Zett

  • Prior instances, such as Ace, where the series is spelled Ultraman A in it's native Japanese, but the character is pronounced as Ace which is how A is pronounced in Japanese. There have been other similar instances of disparity between series title and character name spelling. Examples include
    • R/B resulting Reube
    • and Ultra Seven for the series but Ultraseven for the character.
  • It is as close to the Japanese pronunciation as possible, thus more reflective of the original culture that created the name, and allowing English Fans to have a better understanding/view of that culture.

The Reasons for Z

  • Zett is simply the pronunciation of Z in Japanese, the same way it would be pronounced as 'Zed' in British. Therefore putting it as 'Z' is the safest route for the unforeseeable future.
    • There are also instances of difference in Japanese and English title spellings. While Ace is Ultraman A in Japanese, English Titles have it as Ultraman Ace. R/B is for example, written as R-B in Japanese, each letter pronounced, and R/B (Roob/Reube) in English. I.e. that the Japanese pronunciation of the title does not always equate the intended interpretation.
  • While the Japanese title of the series has the Z written with the pronunciation for 'Zett', in English it is simple Ultraman Z. There are also English listings of the character's alternate forms, which uses Ultraman Z.

Now it's time for you, the community, to vote. This poll will finish next week Saturday, seven days from now. June 13th, 2020