(Information courtesy of JEFusion)

Recently it was announced in the Japanese News Site JEFusion that two new forms, of Ultraman Zero, has been unveiled. Here are the forms below:


Zero's New Forms

JEFusion says the following:

"Above, you can see the magazine leaks of Ultraman Zero's blue and red forms, the Luna Miracle Zero and the Strong Corona Zero respectively. The names are still tentative.

The Luna Miracle Zero have the super ability and strong heart of love from Ultraman Dyna Miracle Type and Ultraman Cosmos Luna Mode, while the Strong Corona Zero have the full combat strength of Ultraman Dyna Strong Type and Ultraman Cosmos Corona Mode.

So far, they haven't revealed if this is for a new movie, direct-to-video episode / side-story, or a new series. More information about his new forms will be revealed in kid magazines, Ultra Festival and in Ultraman Restuden on July. Vinyl figures are said to be released on August."

So, what do you hope it is? I personally hope it's a new series, with a great sense of action (a la Ultraman Mebius, the original Showa Ultra series) and not a boring show like they did with Ultraman Cosmos' series and films.

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