Theese is my reason why i'd love Ultraman Series:

1. Cool Monsters

Yep. The monster are cool. I like the monsters they're nice design. I like the monster specialy for Alien Magma, Gomora, Alien Baltan and many more.

2. Powerful Heroes

The heroes are powerful specialy for Zoffy and Ultraman Dyna. Both characters are strong Zoffy destroy an enemy with his M78 Beam. Dyna destroy an enemy with his Solgent Beam.

3. Cute good monsters

The good monsters are cute. Specialy for Pigmon. He's cute his body is very small. But the bad monster Geronimon killed him :(

4. Interesting Battles

All of Ultra series battles are interesting specialy for Ultraman Dyna episode 31. Fight Dyna VS Dyna (Faito Daina Tai Daina). And Ultraman Tiga episode 44 (The one who inherits the darkness).

5. Cool Planets

All of planets in Ultra series are cool specialy for Land of Light. The buildings are maded by a green crystal. I wonder if i go to there and meet and greet the Ultramens.

6. Funny Scenes

There's a funny scene that makes me laugh. First Ultraman episode 34. Hayata use a spoon to transform..? And Ultraman Max episode 16. Ultraman Max forgot how to fight..?

Well that's all. Please give a comment. Thank you :)

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