Hey users i'm back. Now i gonna tell you all of the missions and how to coplete it in Ultraman fe3. If you complete it with S, A or B rank, you can unlock a new character until total 40 characters.

  1. Prince of Monsters: Defeat Gomora without destroying the Kumamoto castle
  2. Thank you Ultraman: Defeat Zetton with Ultraman or Zoffy without destroying the Building
  3. Ultra Garrison Westward: Fight King Joe until 2:00. Wait until Ultra garrison help you
  4. Two Monsters Attack Tokyo: Fight Twintail and Gudon. Allow Twintail to the broad arrowed place Wait until MAT and Gudon help you to defeat Twintail. Then defeat Gudon
  5. The Five Stars That Scaterred in the galaxy: Defeat Ace Killer with Ace Robot or Ultraman Ace
  6. Go through the Ultra Brothers: Defeat Tyrant with Zoffy, Ultraman, Ultraseven, Ultraman Jack, Ultraman Ace or Ultraman Taro. Make sure that you have created an Ultra Sign
  7. When seven dies,Tokyo submerged: Defeat Alien Magma with Ultraseven or Ultraman Leo
  8. MAC annilhilated, The flying saucer is a living creature: Defeat Silverbloome without destroying the Building
  9. Fight! 80 VS Seven: Defeat Delusion Ultraseven without destroying the hospital. Wait until the narrator speak.Then defeat delusion Ultraseven without protecting any buildings
  10. Great declaration of Redking resurrection: Put redking to a small bottle with Ultraman 80
  11. Golza's Counterattack: Defeat Golza without destroying the TPC tent. Watchout with the fires that come from the volcano
  12. The one who inherits the darkness: Defeat Evil Tiga. Watchout with Geo Shark
  13. Master of Darkness: Defeat Gatanzoa with Ultraman Tiga or Glitter Tiga
  14. 3000 kolakerf wont surface: Defeat Reigubas. Watchout of the ice they may cracking if you fall to the water, you fail the mission
  15. Fight! Dyna VS Dyna: Defeat Imitation Dyna
  16. The Comtemptuous eye: Defeat Gan-Q or Small Gan-Q (If you absorbed in) with Ultraman Gaia
  17. The Final Resolution: Fight Agul until his color timer turns red. Then defeat Zorlim
  18. Ultraman Cosmos vs Justice: Defeat Justice. When you fight Gloker, use cosmium beam 3 or 6 times. Reflect the Flying Gloker's attack
  19. 10 cities invasion: Defeat all monster as many posible. Then in the final round, defeat Baltan
  20. Monsters Specimens: Turn all monsters to small size with dada. and turn Ultraman to small

Okay that's all. Leave a comment thank you :)

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