Hi users i'm back. And i will give you all info in this blog. Now are you youtubers, if you're youtubers i very recomended you to subscribe a channel called Atsukife3. Have you heared that name? yup i'm not youtubers but i had once watch his videos. His videos is cool and very creative job. He unlock all characters in Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3. After he unlocked all, he make a video about ultra battle that never showed on TV. The videos is called "Ultra Battle in FE3". The available episodes are:

  1. Ultraman Tiga & Ultraman VS Gan-Q Stage: Gas tank
  2. Ultraman Gaia & Ultraman Agul VS Vakishim & Twintail Stage: Kumamoto Castle & Antartica & Mars
  3. Ultraman Agul & Ultraman 80 VS Alien Baltan & Golza & Bemstar Stage: Antartica
  4. Ultraman Dyna & Astra VS Gudon & Gomora & Alien Magma Stage: Construction Site & Neptune
  5. Astra & Ultraman Leo VS Gudon VS Dada (Disguised as Fake Leo) Stage: SRC Base
  6. Ultraman Justice & Ultraman Taro & Ultraman Cosmos VS Ace Killer & Tyrant Stage: Windmill Duel Site

Okay i think that's enough. Leave a comments. Thank You :)

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