1) voice actors

Voice Actors:
* Daisuke Kishio will voice Musashi Haruno/Ultraman Cosmos' human form voice
* Mai Nakahara will voice Ayano Morimoto
* Kappei Yamaguchi will voice Fubuki Keisuke
* Ryoutaro Okiayu will voice Harumitsu Hiura
* Ayana Taketatsu will voice Mizuki Shinobu
* Akeno Watanabe will voice Julie/Ultraman Justice

  • Yuki Sato will reprise his role of Ultraman Cosmos
    * Osamu Ryutani will reprise his grunts for Ultraman Justice

2) Plot

* Same plot, but only Ultraman Justice appearing in Episode 3, as an anti-hero

  • There will be in an Episode with Cosmos & Justice battling, entitled: Cosmos' anger! Luna VS Standard! (Same as Ultraman Gaia's the day of battle, but only different)
  • Ultraman Justice will be on hiatus in the few episodes at the half-way at the episodes.
  • Ultraman Cosmos will regain his new form, Space Corona Mode in the climax.
  • Before the climax, The Blue Planet's story will be made in a 2-parter episode.
  • Chaos Ultraman will fight both Cosmos & Justice.
  • In the end, Chaos Darkness is still cured by Cosmos' new move: (does not related to the toku version) Cosmos' Ultimate Luna beam, along with Ultraman Justice's (still does not related to the toku version) Justice Healing Ray. * However the last 2-part finale: THE FINAL BATTLE, the two episodes followed the stroyline in FE3, but added Cosmos Eclipse fighting Gloker Rook.

"If Ultraman Justice serves as a sequel to the series" will be written soon.

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