I will just summarise my opioions towards how powerful is Orb to which form ranks first and my reasons for doing it.

Strongest to weakest

  • 1. Orb Origin: Considering he beat Maga-Tanothor without any help from others.
  • 2. Emerium Slugger: As he beat Reibatos, whom is capable of healing very fast, whereas Orb Trinity failed.
  • 3. Thunder Breastar: Thunder Breastar above Orb Trinity as Thunder Breastar could single handed defeated Maga-Orochi, Galactron. He was not defeated in this form, only one time. He managed to hold up himself against Magato No Orochi longer than Orb Origin, managed to surivive 2 Maga-Thunderclaps, Magta No Orochi tentacles assaults and 1 Maga-Odour. Being able to hold up agaist Zeppandon than his previous third forms cannot. I do think if he faced Maga-Tanothor like how he did agaisnt Maga-Orochi and Galactron , he can win.
  • Orb Trinity: I rank him forth, as he seem to have troubles facing Alien Temporer, Alien Hippiroito, Deavorick and Sadeath at once. Thunder Breastar will fare better. Considering the aliens and monsters is way weaker than the King Demon Beasts.
  • Hurricane Slash/Lightning Attacker/Burnmite: They are all equal and only just enchancing one aspect. Hurricane Slash enchances speed while Lighting Attacker taps on lightning while Burnmite taps on stregth. Burnmite is somehow a weaker version of Thunder Breastar.
  • Sperion Zeperion: I think Sperion Zeperion is quite weak.
  • Orb Origin The First: His weakest form I think, in this form, Gai is still inexperienced and young to master Orb's light.

Even in Orb Origin Saga, Orb seemed to be an halo of light but I do feel that Orb is once himself fighting as a warrior before Gai evolved into him. I am not sure about Geed. I will do another blogpost after Geed series finish airing.

What are you views about Orb and his rank? You can list them below.

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