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    Here I have is a bunch of unused script summaries pasted from Japanese Wikipedia. The reason for choppy wording is because I used a translator for them.

    crab seat M73 Nebula People

    [Sample story described in the Vermler story draft]

    • Merchants Selling the Earth

    The story that pushes the missile launch button of the human self-defeating war starts, the heads of nations are manipulated by the civilian.

    • "Large Kidnapping"

    The appearance of the alien is Kerur, but the description of the monster is " Ultra Q kemur ", the story is written with the star Keururu, there is no uniformity. The people who failed to save the species are kidnapped by a large number of Earth children to leave their descendants.

    • "The Invasion of Space beasts"

    The Earth invasion …

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    Now, I acknowledge the fact that SSSS. Gridman has been dead for a while, but this is an interesting revelation I've come too. Sho Utsumi compared to many of the other characters is an anomaly. He seemingly doesn't have a proper reason to exist besides to exist in the story, and it just seems strange when everyone else has a role. He's also nothing except the butt of most jokes throughout the show and is treated kind of badly by most characters. I have a theory that he wasn't even meant to be there in the first place in terms of plot.

    Sho Utsumi was originally programmed to be nothing but a background character. He was meant to be like Sakiru, Rikka's mom, Namiko, Hass, and others with the only purpose being a side character who wasn't…

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    Hello, I am Emgaltan. Most people probably knows me as the guy with a grudge against Gubila. While I'm more than that and this time I have arrived to review everything which has come in the new gen. I'll upload these reviews over the next month, so let us begin.

    Because why not start off with something unexpected? Ultraman Retsuden from the couple bunch of episodes I've seen is a neat way to present the episodes of the old shows. Looking back at them and seeing what the characters themselves think of the events past is kind of interesting. The provided some funny moments like Alien Valky screaming at Doragory murdering Murchi II horribly or Belial trying to list all of Beryudora's components.

    It gave some older yet obscure monsters some more…

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    Stage shows

    October 7, 2017 by Emgaltan

    Here's something for you people who want to see a stage show.

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