Hello guys. This is my first review on Ultra Zero Fight S2(Season 2) Episode 14. Since it is a first review, I will apologize on many bad words.

First of all, the battle seems very short. It only consist Shining Zero grew up and scare Belial to go out Zero's body. However, can it consist as a battle. I mean, there is no battle at all. Belial said that he will serious battle with Zero but in the end, he runs like a cat :P. So the battle seems very lame on this episode. Then about how to defeat Belial. I very like how Shining Zero rewind time to make Belial sealed again. It more obvious, rather than we used a silly technique that destroy spectral mass. Rewind time is more obvious than Shining Zero will used any beam that erased Belial. It also very obvious to rewind time to revive the other Ultimate Force Zero's members. Rather than we used some cure ray to revive them. I really love the rewind time. Oh, by the way, the rewind time technique is called Shining Star Drive (a good name, huh). Conclusion is the episode is very obvious because Shining Star Drive. Only the battle went very wrong. I gives the episode 6/10.

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