Hello, guys. I just want to share the website where I saw Ginga Episode 7 Subbed and it's Youtube. Trust me, the speed of the Youtube is incredibly fast. Just after video play, pause the Youtube wait for 3-5 Minutes and release the pause again. After 1 minute, pause, wait for 1 minute. Just do it over and over again until the gray marks reaches the end of the video. This techniques called "Pause Buffering" and very helpful for watching 24-Minutes Youtube. Oh yeah, here the link: "[1]"

It's two parter. For me, just skip the first part. As I already watched Shin Retsuden episode 8 and 18, the first part is nothing special to me. Unless you want a teaser of Tiga, Tyrant and Dark Zagi :P. Well, the second part is actually hard to swallowed by me and I think that there is something fishy about this. If it, combined with the picture Hotsuma found Darker Gale's Spark Dolls collection, actually it's very hard to swallowed. Lastly, I wouldn't that recommended this episode, just because it the first episode of the second half. Because, it's becoming a rather hard swallowed plot and the battle part as usual, not the compromising and that great. I wish Tsuburaya changes it like episode 1. Watching the current episodes' battle is like watching a 3-D movie. And guys, you don't have to comment, just watch the Youtube. If you're happy and I will happy also.

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