As from Mr Teridax's advice, I should tell everyone about my proposal for this Wikia. Here the list:

  • Gallery should divided to Normal Pictures and Techniques Pictures. Soon, I will added more Forms Pictures. Making this, the gallery wouldn't be a trash and cleaner.
  • In forms table, we should have full shot of Ultras body, with white background. To do this, we need to find anyone who can use Photoshop or Gimpshop. So, we will appreciate if someone would help us.
  • For articles, never use span style for text, with the exception of above quotes of an articles. Since, they are horrible. For example: for underlining Color Timer Flash, just use like this: Color Timer Flash. It more faster that we need to put that horrible span style.
  • Photos should be named with name that easily to be remember. It more efficient and clear if we use it. For examples: Delacium Light Stream that I had upload is very brief, clear, and easy to remember. However, is more doesn't good if we used like this "Tiga is charging super duper balloon beam that gonna be shoot in Power Type". Really doesn't good, right?
  • Also Photos should not upload with too much number. For example: when you want to loading Glitter Zepellion Ray, just upload with: Ultraman Tiga's Glitter Zeppelion Ray.jpg or even you don't need Ultraman Tiga's name to input. Rather when you input the photo with: 056856894858946 4968590690865.jpg. It doesn't efficient at all.
  • As now, we had problem on searching techniques pictures. Techniques pictures like: Garnate Bomber, Cosmium Beam, and more. We appreciate both user and Wikia Contributor helps. For other use, simply add the pictures. For Wikia Contributor, they can leave message on logged user talks pages, which their message contains the pictures' link. Hopefully, everyone would helps us.

That's all what I can said. Please, give your opinions. Thanks.

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