Eduardloei Eduardloei 1 January 2014

Happy New Year!!!

Hello, guys! Happy new year. We now already moving from 2013 to 2014. Let's grave everything in 2013 and move one to 2014. Let's do more better in 2014 than 2013.

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Eduardloei Eduardloei 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas To You All!!

Hello, you guys, merry christmas!! This the best day ever in every year! Too bad, I'm seldom to celebrate it T_T. But, let's hope Santa Claus would grant our wishes.

I hope: "I can get "Kamen Rider Super Climax Heroes" for my PSP"

Wish you all for the best. Merry Christmas, hohohohohoho ^_^.

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Eduardloei Eduardloei 8 December 2013

Sharing and Commenting Ginga Episode 7 SUB

Hello, guys. I just want to share the website where I saw Ginga Episode 7 Subbed and it's Youtube. Trust me, the speed of the Youtube is incredibly fast. Just after video play, pause the Youtube wait for 3-5 Minutes and release the pause again. After 1 minute, pause, wait for 1 minute. Just do it over and over again until the gray marks reaches the end of the video. This techniques called "Pause Buffering" and very helpful for watching 24-Minutes Youtube. Oh yeah, here the link: "[1]"

It's two parter. For me, just skip the first part. As I already watched Shin Retsuden episode 8 and 18, the first part is nothing special to me. Unless you want a teaser of Tiga, Tyrant and Dark Zagi :P. Well, the second part is actually hard to swallowed by m…

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Eduardloei Eduardloei 23 November 2013

Should Ginga's Special Moves Must Be Similar To SUR EP 18?

Hey, guys. Well, long time I don't create a blog. Well, let's go into it. Should Ginga's Special Moves (like Ginga Thunderbolt, Ginga Slash, Ginga Fireball, etc.) must be similarize with SUR (Shin Ultraman Retsuden) Episode 18? Since, Taro told Hikaru that Ginga' Special Moves is similar with some previous Ultras' techniques. Here the similarities of Ginga's Special Moves with the previous Ultras' techniques:

  • Ginga Thunderbolt = Dyna Miracle Type's Miracle Thunder Charge
  • Ginga Fireball = Taro's Ultra Dynamite
  • Ginga Saber = Mebius Brave's Mebium Knight Blade
  • Ginga Slash = Nexus Junis' Core Impulse & Gaia Supreme Version's Photon Stream
  • Ginga Cross Shoot = Sadly, Taro didn't similarize it :P
  • Ginga Comfort = Cosmos Luna Mode's Luna Extract

What maki…

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Eduardloei Eduardloei 13 August 2013

Shorten The Forms Table's Names

Hello, guys. As what Mr. Teridax told me, I should create a blog of it. Well, let's get into it. You know about the upper part of Forms Table that usually for navigating the Table. That's what I want to shorten it. Like, shortening Multi Type into just Multi and Shining Ultraman Zero into just Shining. This actually effective on Ultras that have long upper part of Forms Table, like Cosmos. I still thinking about the Kaiju too. Well, just a permission about it. On note, in KR Wikia the simplified Flame Dragon into just Flame or Cosmic States into just Cosmic. Why would we can't do that, right?

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