Well i'm glad TsuPro still continue making another Ultra series. Or maybe...

Okk, so the name of Zeed, maybe it's like spelling as "Seed", probably a combine word. If they change it to Seed, i was wondering that it will be like from Gundam Seed, like Ultraman Zero and Gundam 00 does. After the reveal, his name turns out to be Geed.

My speculation: (Correct me if i'm wrong if there's no coincidence to Gundam seed, in the official reveal)

  • At least the color body of the Ultra, had a sort of blue and white/gray, the red only in the torso and the feet, like the Gundam Strike. That's the default Form for Zeed. (Nope)
  • Color eyes either light yellow or light blue (or white). (Blue)
  • Just please don't make the Color timer shaped word Z/S. V, O, X, it's already pretty standard. (Yes)
  • Changeable Mode Ultra, maybe? (Yes)
  • Can only active for 3 minutes like most of the Ultra do or it will just like Gaia life gauge? (Still not confirmed)
  • Ultra that have Consciousness, (Voice Actor should be Shoichiro Hoshi), and now it's a Human host, not a form. (Nope and the human is confirmed to be a Form)
  • Attack Team will return or will remain same as Orb? (Maybe not)
  • Rated E (It could be T, because of how scary he is)
  • Kaiju appearance would be like Orb version. (Since TsuPro had really good job making new Kaijus on Ultraman Orb Series) (Barely)
  • Returning Ultras would be awesome, but I prefer none of them being reappeared in his series. (Zero it is)
  • Female Protagonist(?) (Don't think about it XD) (It will never happened)
  • Gimmicky Ultraman (Yes)
  • When it's announced, it turns out to be an sequel to Ultraman Orb :v (Nope)

That's it, what do you think of my speculation? Let your thoughts write down in the comment.

(At least 20s episode would be fine, but more than 25)

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