I have an idea to how the new Ultraman will be look like:

  • Say, Who's going to direct the series? (I don't know anything about Directors)
    • What happens if the series will be written by Gen Urobuchi?
  • Music Composer? Not really care for who is going to compose it. All of Ultramen ost are all good. (Ginga-X are decent, Orb is Good, and Geed is way awesome). Let's say its Toshihiko Sahashi (Had composed in Gundam Seed, Gaia and Mebius).
  • More than 25 Episodes. (Orb The Chronicle is more like 3 months gap now.)
  • "Wireless" Gimmick or At least non-scanable Gimmick. I guess we are already get used to Fusion-themed Ultramen and i am expecting it.
    • Annnd, Ultra Capsules is still live. Look at how all of the Capsules on the bottom have that different circle placement.
  • Voice Actors from Gundam (Additional for Gimmicks)
  • Experienced Actors.
    • Inb4, It's actually an Actress.
  • More less Freeze time transformation. New Rising Scenes should be applied to only debut form or during the first transformation from Human.
  • Less Reused Common Kaijus, except for the very old kaiju that haven't reintroduced for a long time (Such as Alien Baltan)
  • The series will be back to its roots. (Old Heisei Style directing is bonus)
  • I prefer not to have any some kind of boring recaps after the series is finished.

Physical Appearance Ideas (Image It):

  • No Collar-like body feature. (I would let it pass if the Ultra will have the robotic aspects or donning the Armor. Imagine if you caught that kind of abnormality in real life.)
  • Still retaining the alternate forms.
  • Features a slightly Black color body.
    • Red and Gray.
  • Eyes are still blue. (I keep liking this color. Normal is fine)
    • Not feature an irregular eyes (Not hating it actually)
  • Color timer should be classic-style shape.

What Else?

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