This a Myth or Fact to Ultraman Geed. I wrote down this, because it seems interesting.  Once the series is air, i'll pick the answers, while you guys can write down your thoughts down in the comment. If they didn't named Geed and it's Xead instead, i would have not write down this blog. 

  1. Geed Riser sound is voice by Soichiro Hoshi (Myth) (Its Nobuyuki Hiyama)
  2. Geed's voice grunt is also voice by ^ (If Tatsuomi may not be able to "geed" good with the voice) (Myth) (It's still Riku's)
  3. Each of his Form, will appear like Orb did.
  4. Belial's Voice actor is Toshihiko Seki (previously voiced Seven and Leo in Ultraman: Super fighter legend) (Myth) (Its Yuki Ono)
  5. Riku is like Kira Yamato
  6. Riku could be not just having a family feud, but having a "frenemy" as well.
  7. Geed can be in berserk mode, and it will only lasted 1 minute, thus reducing his Color Timer time limit and at the same time, at a cost of his body.
  8. Geed's body color sometimes loses his color temporarily, when he is injured or running out of power.
  9. Riku will transforms to Geed in Real time (Myth). and also, his body color is monochrome at the first phase Transformation.
  10. Attacking Team is non-existent
  11. Possibly, Riku will have a girlfriend, whose personality is like Lacus Clyne.
  12. Riku is adopted.
  13. Darkness Five will appear once again
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