This what i was doing when i was novice:

  • This is where i start making mistakes:
    • i updated where komon is returned in Ultraman X (which is wrong, because that person is different)
    • i added GK and KJ to Ultraman X movie, which is only a demonstration and i said "This is only a joke" (Pict 1)
      20170427 212144
  • Maybe an argument about whose the one who had black markings in the first place (Pict 2)
20170427 212236

Uhh don't know about this

  • I forgot about this thing, but maybe i'm doing something wrong. (pict 3 with arrow)
  • This is where i edit about Babaryu will voiced by Ryusuke Nakamura (which is actually, he will acting as Baba Ryuji and at the same time voicing Babaryu) and i ever said Amir as "bro", which is kinda less polite for me. (Pict 3)
20170427 212350
  • This is where me and Grenburr arguing each other about having black markings in the good Ultras (Pict 4)
  • In May 20, Me and Clee fighting each other about having a full transformation sequence for ES, while the rest did not have the full transformation sequence, like i was trying to make it fair, but then i was wrong, i should have just help him to add the gif by myself, instead of arguing him to post another one just to make it fair. From now on, i will trust to any good and experienced user in this wiki. (TBH, i almost got banned).

For those of you who just signed in and want to collab with this wiki, you might wanna read my blog of this.

I don't care if any of you want to talk harshly or softly, this is where i learned all of my mistakes.

20170427 212430
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