As is evident from the Ultra Monster Anthropomorphic Project page itself, some people are really freaked out, even disgusted (which can be considered an overreaction on their part) about the whole project in itself. But the most important and alarming issue is the problem of exposing such content to children in general.

As you all know, Ultraman is a franchise loved by kids globally, and thus it is expected that young children will definitely go on to the wikia at times. However, it is our job not to expose them to inappropriate content unsuitable for their ages and to keep the wikia child-friendly.

This comes with its own set of problems as well, as the Ultra Monster Anthropomorphic Project page cannot be expanded to its fullest potential as a result of our goal. Images of figurines, and suggestive content (lack of clothing, sexy poses), cannot be put up as well.

Thus, I do suggest that we create a smaller, sister wiki for content detailing the project in itself. Pages can be made for the novel, anime, characters, individual Kaiju and even merchandise. Of course, a link can be put up to this smaller wiki on the original UMAP page on Ultraman Wikia, but with a warning to kids. The wiki will be strictly kept to mature content, and will include information that the original page isn't allowed to describe in full detail. We will not tolerate children going onto that wiki, but if they do, even with all the warnings and such, with full knowledge of their age and so, they will be banned indefinitely. An appropriate age would be 14 and above.

Thus, a poll will be set up soon to vote for the creation of such a wiki. I will be personally heading it myself if possible if we can come to a consensus. If you have any inquiries or such do comment down below so we can all discuss it.

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