I saw both of the movies dubbed in English at the LA Premiere at a Convention. It was really neat as I bought a lot there. But, while watching the movies, I thought they were pretty good. People are giving them negative comments, but I don't think they in anyway hurt the movies. It's not like they did what the Ultraman Tiga 4Kids Dub did, taking out the music that was originally present, add additional jokes in a situation that would be life-threatening, and change scenes. There were some dubs that I didn't favor much like Zero One/Mana. But off the top of my head, that was the only one I didn't really care for, but it didn't hurt the movie as Mana has a minor roll to begin with. I thought Ultraman X was probably one of the best. Aside from actually meeting the voice actor, I really liked the strong and older voice he had, as most of the Ultras were voiced by generally young people. I found Ultraman Zero's arrogance and cockiness still present. Ultraman Ginga and Ultraman Victory were pretty good as well. I always remember their quote, "We now fight as one hero, Ginga Victory!" I got a really great kick out of seeing them, maybe it was just the fact that I got to see them in a pretty big screen compared to a phone or computer. It was just so grand and satisfying. So, if you lived in the US or know about it, what were your thoughts on the dub? And which movie in general do you prefer, Ultraman Ginga S or Ultraman X?

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