Eons ago, Monsters and Aliens used to have perfect relationships as friends and so on. But then, Two aliens named, Alien Empera and Jugglus Juggler had a bad friendship and battled for ages. But then, Racism came, Between the alligations of criminal records between monsters and seijins. Then voting became popular, With most aliens with Empera's side while monsters with Juggler's side and soon a war started. Most aliens and monsters who thought that this was not to be takin seriously, Evacuated from a specific planet, Planet Reskos, And soon, wars came over, To the point were Yapool even went to the monster side. Both teams have bases on areas, Not supervised by alien/monster officials.

The side of Jugglus included:

Vice-Leader​: Gomora

Lietanaunts​: Zetton (main lietanaunt), Thunder DarambiaYapool

Chojus and Monster-Mutants​: Barabas, King CrabVakishimDoragory, Velokron

​Robotic Soldiers and Pawns​: King Joe/King Joe Black, Inperiazer, Dinosaur Tank (stolen from alien Base)

​Main Star Soldiers​: SilvergonSuper C.O.VMelba, Bemura

​Soldiers and Pawns​: ZaragasElekingBlack KingKing PandonRagonAntlarRed KingGavadonSeagorasBemstarMochiron

SalamandoraGolza/Fire GolzaSnowgonHanzagiranAstromonsGan-QLagorasZoa MuruchiRoberugaDark Galberos,

KanegonDorakoTelesdonTwin TailGudonSadoraReicubasBirdonAribunta

The side of Empera included:

​Vice-Leader​: Alien Baltan

​Lietanaunts​: Juda Spectre (main lietanaunt), Alien TemperorBlack Directive

​Main Star Soldiers​: Alien GutsDadaAlien MetronZamsher

Soldiers and Pawns​: Alien ZarabSuper Alien HipporitoAlien ZettonAlien BabalouCicada Human (male), Alien MagmaAlien NackleAlien BatKemur ManAlien ValkyAlien IcarusGlozamAlien Pitt (x2)Alien GodolaAlien PegassaAlien ChibuDorobonAlien ShaplayMold SpectreKeroniaAlien Bado, Alien ReflectAlien AkumaniaAlien HookAlien WolfAlien FlipAlien IyrosAce Killer

As many days started with war grounds, A team simply known as the rouge team appeared. They must defeat the teams. The founder was none other than, Mefilas! Soon, he, and his team went to go defeat these teams. Strangely, Their no main stars, vice leaders or lietanaunts!

Mefilas' team:

HoeGubilaKelbeamAlien FantonDemaagaRudianHoulingaGomessKing GesuraPigmonArigeraLunatyxGromiteNovaMukadenderAngrossSeabozuJamila, Booska

But suddenly, a bounty hunger with a taste for kaiju and seijin flesh, Bogal, was sent to hunt the monster, seijin and rogue team. And one day. The war will end one day...

And yeah that is gonna be my mini series! It will be posted on my blogs and the page were u can post ur own stuff, and i will write episode 1 today, If i can. Thank you and Atruj7, OUT.

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