Hye, i Apexz. This time i wan't show something, something that must  i must revealed the mystery of Ultraman Ginga series and Spark Doll. As you can see, why Hotsuma Raidou found the certain where they are Shelves of Spark Doll, and why he found it but not anyone else? This lead a question to us, on the Episode 9 trailer, righ After Hikaru loose the battle againts The Dark Ultra Brothers, Taro eye began to flash yellow and something new happen to Hikaru's grandfather, his hand received the Mark Of Courage but smaller than Hikaru one, does this meant he also be able to Ultra Live like Hikaru or becoming the host of Ultraman Taro?

But what i really concern, is there are Baltan Barel from Ultra Frontire Spark Doll, take a look the Doll beside Twin Tail, the blue one with a crab hand.

Apexz (talk) 08:57, December 6, 2013 (UTC)

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We can see Hotsuma raidou Hold the Jasyuline Doll from the shelves he found

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Hotsuma Raidou opened the black certain and found all the Darker Gales Collection Spark Doll

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The Close up of the SPark Doll

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