Hye guys, it's me, your friendly friend Apexz. My friend just bought me a Ultra Magazine book from the book store, it called "Ultraman" magazine. Its also has the logo of the Ultra Wiki also. The book was also has all the imformation from Tsuburaya, but there is one thing that i think it's wrong or it's still no Tsuburaya announce it yet. 

When i read about Ultraman Ginga page on the magazine, i found out they also put his Profile such as heigh and weight. But i not sure that height and weight and all other his profile are wrong or true...

Here's what it said it the book:

Height: 50 meters

Weight: 37,000 tons

Age: 2,800 years old

Homeworld: Unknown

Affiliation: Ultraman Taro (Mentor), Jean Ning (Rival, Allie) 

From the both imformation, its only right abour his homeworld and Affialation only.

I'm sorry, i just want to tell that i just don't know if it true or not only. 

Apexz (talk) 12:39, January 4, 2014 (UTC)

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