Hey Everyone. It's been a long time since i was here. Well, you know examinations. How are you guys? Feeling good? Okay, now i want to discuss something that bother me much about Ultraman Orb and its about his base forms. As well you all know his base form was Specium Zapellion right? But thats bother me more that anything. Of all ultraman that have their original base form but Orb doesnt have one, he need to use Ultraman and Tiga card in order to become Orb. So the thing is...Where is Orb true default form? 

I made a theorie. Something i just wanted to share with you all.  Okay, if you look closely, behind all four Orb's form, Specium Zapelion, Hurricane Slash, Burnmite and Thunder Breaster, there is the large version pic of Orb. It has Orb blue light on his fin head, Orb red colour and with silver shoulder. It's likely not Hurricane Slash form and neither Specium Zapperion. So, what is it? Is it Orb true default form? His final form? Kinda not, his ultimate form is very early to appear. 

FB IMG 1465449295900

Okay, i put up some theories here about this form. 

1. First off, behind all of the four of Orbs form maybe the true default form of Ultraman Orb. Maybe it been seal away by the main villain or in the cards or something. 

2. Since his body was seal, Orb doesnt have an original body (Likely similar case to X since X been digitize to data) so Orb need the power of his fellow ultraman borrow them to create an artificial body in order to survive. This in case Specium Zapelion. 

3. His body might be use by somebody else or some villain who intended to use his body for evil purpose. Orb lost to him and his body was taken. (If you play Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, Terra also lost his body to Master Xehanort and leaving his will on his armor). 

4. If its true his body was seal, then his will still exist in his Orb Ring and travel to Earth and found Gai Kurenai. He likely have talk to Gai and fuse together with Gai in order to survive and use the power of cards. 

Well thats all that i want to share with you. Its just my theory about Orb default form. So anyway, hope you guys gave your thoughts about it. I want to hear it too. Haha. See ya. 

Apexz (talk) 09:54, June 12, 2016 (UTC)

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