Hello All, It's been a while since I last posted and a lot of things have been going on since then.

First off, GARO wiki was made part of the Tokupedia family!

So if you wanna add the link and wordmark to the front page to visit the wiki you can.

Second, I was just made bureaucrat of Gatchaman Wiki and we need editors and are hiring admins. So if you are interested in a position, please notify me on my wall at that wiki.

Lastly, some really big news dropped. Toei is making a subscription based internet channel for toku and anime fans in the US! The service will be up and running by next month, but subtitles will take a year or so to implement into the system. So no officially subbed shows yet. (Among the previewed catalog of shows and films was the Kamen Rider vs Ultraman special as well as Kyodain, Pretty Cure, The Mazinger Trilogy and the original Getter Robo!)

The downside to all this is the price tag, they want you to pay $20 a month for the service in addition to your internet bill.

My thoughts: I can see that being a dealbreaker for a lot of middle class working Americans like myself. $20 is a quarter or half tank of gas or a days worth of food. Add 12 months to it and you are paying $240 a year in money that could be spent on bills or keeping your car running. Sorry Toei, lower the price a bit and maybe you will get customers. Worst case scenario if the service goes belly up, just put em 'on Netflix streaming service and reap the benefits of an international audience rather than just the US.

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