Hi all, Just popping by the wiki to let you all know that there may be a tokusatsu convention and film festival coming to the USA!

Thing is this convention will be special as it will showcase Ultraman films as well as Kamen Rider, Super Sentai and a special early showing of the 2014 Godzilla film! Also IDW's Matt Frank will be there for a guest panel and Q & A.

But the downside is that this needs money first...about $15,400 in cash. Some of it is for renting the space and the rest is for purchasing a copy of the films that will be shown on the projector (It takes place at a movie theater

The good news is despite the USD label they do accept other forms of currency. Canadian dollars, Australian dollars, The Euro, and the British Pound. So fans in Europe, the UK, Canada and Australia can support the campaign as well. As of this blog post, we have $140 and 46 days left to hit the target goal. Donations are as low as $5 and there are perks such as tickets to the show and free refreshments if you donate at a higher level. The $5 donation will enter you in a raffle to obtain a mystery prize for X-mas!

So Don't delay, donate today! If you can't donate post this news on Facebook and Twitter so we can spread the word!

If we hit the mark, the convention will be held on May 15, 2014!

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