May 27, 2014

After picking away at the Parent Pages, I have run into problems trying to fill them. My memory is hazy on the content of the shows and the Memorial Day work week has not given me a lot of time to continue or analyze them. I have decided to put the Parent Page projects on hold until things die down at work.

ULTRAMAN WIKI: I estimate Ultraman wikis is about 76% done, all that needs to be done is gather data on the video games and mangas, I humbly request the staff try to help fill in as the US did not get that material. It is hard to simulate ratings on games I have never played or provide input on manga I have never even seen before.

Kikaider Wiki: Dead stop on this one, I need the DVDs first and foremost to get a better reading of what labels it needs. But cash is kinda tight right now due to both my folks being hurt and not working due to said injuries. Another roadblock is the new movie, which will not be Stateside for anywhere from 4 months to a year, based on when the discs come and the subbers get to it. Thankfully, Toonami Wiki's Admin was helpful in giving me the TV Parent Rating of the 2001 Anime, so it isn't a total wash.

Garo Wiki: Coming along good, but halted at 77% completion. Need to rewatch the films and view the fighting Video Game and the Pachinko game for completion. The wiki itself needs building, as it is brand new. Working with what little time I have on the 4th season episode pages by prebuild format.

Now for a democratic proceeding, I would like all the editors to vote on whether or not I should add a special JavaScript Media Wiki coding to this database. This code activates social media buttons on any page that will allow readers to share the wikis content on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. It also gives Admins special text icons next to their names so they can be identified on message boards and forums as admins by other users.

So what say you all?

Do you want Common.js?

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