Ultraman Life

aka Cydrixar from YouTube

  • I live in The UK
  • I was born on September 30
  • My occupation is Teenager, Coder, Lover of Obscurity, Probably some other stuff too
  • I am A Masculine Man-thing (I hope so anyway)
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Hello there. Welcome to my corner of Wikia!
Bonjour. Bienvenue dans moi coin de Wikia! (French Français)
Sati soal. Savđia eg ana giđ yu Wikia! (Edievian Taaevaod)

I'm Ultraman Life (you can call me U.L.). Here, you can find out more about me. Or, click that blue text above to talk to me, read my blog posts or see what I've been up to in my time on this Wiki.
Ultraman Powered

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So yeah, here's a drawing I did of the Captain Ultra cast.


Garoga c


Okay, I like this sort of stuff, A LOT. I mean, I only have, what is it, 5 tokusastu figures and my DVD collection is pitiful. But I love it all the same. It has become a passion I hope will stay.

My Other Interests


Kryten: "Mr. Rimmer, you're a SMEEEEE." Rimmer: "A smeeeee?" Kryten: "You're a SMEEEEEHEEEEE." Rimmer: "I'm a smeeeeeheeeee?" Kryten: "Yep. And a really big one!"

Being a resident of Good Ol' Britannia, I like some Britishy things. Red Dwarf, Bottom, The Young Ones, I love British Comedy! I also like action/adventure as long as it has a thick layer of cheese ("Showa", as I call it, Doctor Who is a fine example). I also can't get enough of Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Aside for my love of anything that keeps me in front of one type of screen, I love to code/program/whatever you'd call it. I may not be that good yet, but I hope to continue.

Finally, I love my dog, Roxi.

My.... Whatever you call this.....

Ultra Bros.
Ultraman Life - Every decision we choose not to make, comes back to haunt us later. So when you leave this world remember, those unmade decisions may have made you greater:
TALK - Whenever
Pretty sweet huh?

My Non-Wiki Projects

  • Operation Kaiju
  • Dude Dog Helps the Children (yes, I'm that sad)
  • Pepsiman Returns!
  • Other advert parodies.

My Goals

  • Numero Uno: LEARN JAPANESE!!!!!!! (I know Katakana well + a few other things, but I want to watch stuff without having to read it (if I want to read, I'll just get a book))
  • Numero Dos: Get that YouTube channel I want to have up.
  • Numero Tres: Do the things in the above section.

Closing Stuff

So yeah, If you have anything to say, don't be afraid to tell me. And...... that's about it. Just remember:

Wir sind die Jäger...
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