aka ruler of the omniverse

  • I live in Consumatus, a magical land where fiction is true and my cat talks
  • My occupation is Ruler of the Omniverse
  • I am Female
Stephan222 - We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.:
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The angel
Stephan222 - There is always a light in the darkness, if one looks closely enough.:
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Toku Seasons

In no particular order whatsoever. * denotes Must Watch:


An example of my fanart at Ultrafan Wiki

I am an extraterrestrial being, and part of my scheme to conquer the world includes getting all earthlings to stay at their computers reading stories and watching TV as opposed to actually doing stuff to help the world or stop me. My greatest and most revolutionary weapon is the Internet, which has held the majority of humans enslaved for years.

My principle allies are cats, the guys from the movie companies, and your friendly device repairers. My worst enemies are the schools, workplaces, and other such things, which most humans try to avoid anyway.

So far everything is going satisfactory and in another nineteen years this earth shall be under my control. There's no point in trying to stop me, because if your reading this, you are already almost a mind controlled zombie, willing to do the service of my other allies in the government and news stations, and off course, your favorite nerdy electronic device.

Human Form on this wiki

The human form I use for this wiki, R.S., is very much into toku and anime, but also quotes playwrites from Sophocles to Shakespear, speaks Latin as well as a little bit of German and Japanese, adores opera and the arts, and is quite knowledgeable in the subjects of history and philosophy.

He likes to spread awareness to toku and anime, which is, off course, all part of my super evil plan to take over the world.

To-do list

  • add the crunchyroll parameter to all 80, Leo, Max and Mebius episode pages.
    • Summarize those episodes, add synopses.
  • Clean up and deplagiarize kaiju and seijin pages.
  • Add pictures to kaiju pages without good galleries.
  • Make all humans mind-controlled zombies. Task I'm closest to completing.I'd have Seabozu and Gandar
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