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Hi everyone! I'm Starry Windy, the resident Victini around. I like several shows, among them are Ultra Series. Usually I'm here to enjoy several nice articles, but I might be interested to contribute to some of them when I feel it's necessary, at my own pace.

Speaking of which, I still have lots to learn, and at times I might not be around all the time because I also have some real work to do irl, so I hope you'll bear with me, and be nice, mmkay? And I'd like it if you won't say any unkind words in any languages, because I think contributing in here would be more enjoyable if everyone are nice to each other.

How I got into Ultra Series

When I was a kid, I remember when I tuned to several TV channels in hopes I can watch some cartoons. On the way, I tuned to the show where a certain blue giant was battling a Kaiju. Even though I didn't getting interested at first, as I watched more episodes, I learned that this particular giant, better known as Ultraman Cosmos, prefers much to calm several Kaijus instead of destroying them, unless if those Kaijus wanted to do bad things. So I started to become intrigued to watch the show, and that's how I started to get interested in Ultra Series.

My Favorite Ultras

  • Ultraman Cosmos: The Ultraman that makes me interested in Ultra Series as a whole. His approach when dealing with kaijus is interesting, especially in Luna Mode.
  • Ultraman Hikari: He looks cool, having blue colors, and is an expert at swordsmanship. Not to mention that I like his name, because it means light/bright.
  • Ultraman Zero: I like his dynamics with a certain salaryman in Ultraman Geed series, given that this guy have the responsibility of being an Ultra and being part of a family.
  • Ultraman X: When united with Daichi, they're in sync! I like it when they're working together as one. I also like how Xanadium Beam also comes with cyber-like effect.


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